Yet another political pandemic

2 years ago

Document welcomes back Professor Robyn Cosford to talk about Covid-19, the vaccine, Monkeypox and their similarities in regards to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the way they present the narrative.

Monkeypox, which has never ever been known to reside outside of West-Africa, suddenly appears all over the Western world simultaneously. Yet again vaccines are made in large numbers, even though they were never needed before the Monkeypox left West-Africa.

Meanwhile the media and governments are busy prepping for yet another pandemic, adverse reactions from the Covid-19-vaccine are seemingly rising. New diagnoses are being used for young people who suddenly fall dead, but what is really going on?

Welcome to an interview with Professor Robyn Cosford.

Note: In regards to what is being discussed after the 31 minute mark, WHO did not achieve extended power due to downvotes from Africa and Asia.

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