Dallas Cowboys Rumors Today: Ezekiel Elliott ‘OUT’ After 2022 Season?

Published June 21, 2022 1,173 Views $0.63 earned

MAJOR Dallas Cowboys rumors today from Mike Florio of NBC Sports. Florio thinks the Cowboys will dump Ezekiel Elliott after the 2022 NFL Season and pay Tony Pollard instead. The Cowboys have long praised Zeke, but have left an out in his contract after this year to potentially move on from him (just like they did with Amari Cooper). With Pollard set to be a free agent after this year, the Cowboys likely won’t keep both. So is this Zeke’s final year with the Cowboys?

Cowboys rumors on James Washington getting cut don’t really make much sense. Cowboys Report host Tom Downey explains why in today’s show.

Answer today’s Cowboys questions in the comments (or else):
If you could only keep 1 next year, who would it be: Type ‘EE’ for Ezekiel Elliott and Type ‘TP’ for Tony Pollard
Is this Zeke’s last year with the Cowboys? Type ‘1’ for Yes and Type ‘2’ for No
Most you’d pay Tony Pollard per year on a new contract?
Will James Washington make the Cowboys roster? Type ‘Y’ for Yes and Type ‘N’ for No

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