7 months ago

Justin Crocker's Story- A FormerFedsGroup Interview

Jana Willborn joins us to talk about what happened to her 19 year old nephew Justin in an American Hospital regarding the Covid Protocols. "Justin, from what Jana understands, was almost immediately put on a ventilator. Justin went to the ICU and his mother only got to see him for a moment after he died. Sepsis and kidney failure bloated Justin to three times his normal size.  In addition, the hospital said he also had heart failure.

Justin was developmentally disabled, "slow" as Aunt Jana described him. But certainly not anywhere near as sick as his mother was at the time of admittance.  Justin died on 8/25/21, only 5 days after being admitted to the hospital and intubated. Tragically, Lisa, Justin's mother, died six months later of a massive heart attack."

Read more about this heartbreaking story and others https://chbmp.org/cases/murdered-by-fda-death-protocol/justin-crocker/

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