Seven nurses speak out about the rate of vaccine injury among their peers

1 year ago


Next time I'll use zoom for these recordings.

I am using which works with one guest, but it is an epic fail for 7 guests. This is the first time I tried it and this is the best I can get out of it. The sound is also out of sync in places.

I was able to get 7 nurses on camera to talk about the rate of vaccine injury among their peers.

The rate of vaccine injuries among their peers averaged around 20%.

This is remarkable because after this episode was recorded, we did a poll of Americans and found a rate of vaccine injury well over 10%.

But even if our poll is "off" by a factor of 10X, the rate of injury here is unprecedented.

Madhulika provided the following:
Bypass the audio FAILS. Times to listen (hopefully accurate):

00:00 to 8:00 minutes. Steve & first nurse talked.

12:48 to 17:55 minutes. Kathleen (retired, but writes books about vaccines for nurses.. daughter's AF, SIDS SADS mentioned).

17:55 to 27:40 Kerry..nurse of 12 years ( Kerry is jab injured...the common way many nurses/doctors wake up. POTS....more injuries)

27:40 to 38:55 Tina (patchy bad audio...improves a bit...with a hum for the dedicated listener worth it!!). Tina is jab injured...thus now much more awake to jab or vaccine injury. This is how it works. I've been looking at vaccine injury for 10 years.

38:55 to 44:50 Courtney unjabbed...nurse in Florida. (audio hum) Talks about injuries...Bell's palsy. Mentioned hard core doctors pro-jab.
AUDIO FAIL Jacky interview fail.

1:04:25 to 1:06:00 Steve asks for final comments. Kim talks
AUDIO FAIL with Jackie.

1:08:40 to Courtney and then Tina. Kathleen speaks too (@1:10:00).

Courtney (@1:12:40) speaks to being heartbroken over medical corruption. Won't cite various papers.

Tina (@1:14:10), Kathleen (@1:15:20),

Steve to all nurses "Have you redpilled a doctor?" (@1:18:00)

At 1:20:45 into the video STEVE NAILS IT ABOUT REDPILLING DOCTORS. "WHAT IT TAKES IS A DEATH IN THEIR FAMILY". This is the basic general truth (for most doctors) IF THEY EVEN SEE IT. Dr.Been (on YT & Rumble, FLCCC) for example has a vaccine injury to a family member. I've been looking at vaccine injury for 10 years. Nothing much changes.

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