Voting Machine Erroneous Code: Doug Logan's Williamson County TN EAC Report Review

1 year ago

We are seeing time and time again that the voting machine vendors run our elections, and when problems happen, they're the ones responsible for supplying the problems cause with no to little technical oversight.

In this video we'll review a report put out by the EAC for Williamson County, TN which documents their analysis and remedy for an issue that would have resulted in a lot of ballots having not been counted, had not an astute County Clerk identified an issue.

The investigation itself conducted by the EAC, ProV&V and SLI was inconclusive and they had to ask the vendor, Dominion Voting Systems, what happened. That answer documented in the report doesn't make technical sense, as we cover in detail in this video; and yet the answer was just accepted by the EAC.

The actual problem raises significant concerns about the integrity of our elections when utilizing voting machines, at best indicates poor technical oversight and extremely buggy code; and at worst suggests a purposeful subversion of election results.

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