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Wayne Bush: WISHCRAFT; The Power of Intention in the Afterlife & Beyond the Grid !

Wayne Bush: WISHCRAFT; The Power of Intention in the Afterlife & Beyond the Grid !

Wayne Bush was my guest, from Austin, Texas, USA
in this 29th Show on DTV Dimensions TV, his comeback since 2018 !
Thursday June 16 2022
Wayne discussed, based on his long years of research on NDEs & OBEs & the process of death, what can happen on our path, what experiences have been reported, and what we can do to manifest our own reality in the Afterlife.
He talked about AFTERLIFE WISHCRAFT, creating our go-to world during our exit from the matrix, offered Solutions & Possible Alternatives to avoid the Matrix Reincarnation Soul Trap and circumvent the control grid.
We also mentioned how to apply our Sovereignty and liberation through intention, our addiction to drama, the Life review part, how to raise vibration, the Void, the choices regarding the white light and the Tibetan Buddhists’ "clear light".
Other topics discussed were the manipulation in the afterlife for people who were « forced » to come back, the sightings and encounters in the light, family members, light beings, shapeshifting aliens, the darkness and the various lights, the cosmic womb of creation, experiencing consciousness, non-duality and pure awareness, shielding for protection… what will happen to us next, what can we make happen via intentions to get rid of mind parasites and escape the demiurge here and on our way out?

Some of his articles mentioned in this interview were the following :

WISHCRAFT: Manifesting Reality in the Afterlife

Is The White Light of the NDE An Artificial Intelligence or Hive Mind Computer?

THE FINE GAME OF NIL: The So-Called Void of Non-Duality and Pure Awareness -- The Cosmic Womb of Creation

Why I Will Choose Not to Go to the Light

Wayne Bush

Wayne Bush is a retired computer programmer and started the web site trickedbythelight.com sometime around 2004. It was an effort to investigate the popular meme that one goes to the light at death. We hear it all the time in Hollywood movies and from psychic mediums. But what really happens when we go to the light?
He once heard Ufo researcher John Lear in an Art Bell interview say that the light is a trick and one should not go to the light. So he’s been studying that phenomenon for the last 20 years or so as well as cross referencing it with out of body experiences, pre-birth experiences, psychedelic experiences, meditation experiences, alien abductions, ancient historic texts, religion, and science…basically anything that gets stored as memory and factors into our decision making.
His web site posits that life ultimately is a cosmic game or play, a divine drama that we dream thus it is a simulation or illusory in nature. We have chosen to play a role or character in a movie or play like a reality TV show — the true man show.

Website: http://www.trickedbythelight.com/tbtl/index.html

DTV DimensionsTV : https://freedomufos.com/the-english-page/dtv-dimensions-tv/

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