David C. Pack: Buy Eternal Life By "Selling All" and Giving it to RCG

1 year ago

On June 15, 2022, with 2 weeks to go before Dave claims Jesus is returning, he urges his church to sell all.

The Greatest Untold Story! (Part 378) @ 30:57 “But I would just say to all of God’s people, you know, you’re gonna hafta sell all. You’re gonna hafta keep your lights burning. You’re gonna have to stay stay close to God. There is no evidence that the the seventh era can get salvation through this period [starting in Tammuz]. They’re councelled to buy gold tried in the fire and to overcome as Christ did. That’s gonna be after this period. So, that’s important to understand.”

@ 32:10 “And God’s people around the world, I’m telling you, if you’re sitting on funds, don’t! You’re gonna lose it soon after, anyway. So, why not why not gain eternal life with it? Continue to to be loving and kind. Continue to give alms. Why is that stressed? Because we’re going into a dark period. It’s gonna be hard. People around you don’t love anybody. They have a tremendous amount of love, I should say, for themselves. They’re lovers of their own selves. That’s who they love. Intensely!”

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