NASA admits we never went to the moon

2 years ago

Great video. I finally got a short video that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the astronauts are ALL liars (even their scripts are poorly written) and everything is FAKE. But, that still doesn't prove to me that the earth is flat.

People are just saying that they lie about the moon landing so we think the earth is round.


They have been saying the earth was round since the 1600s, I think it was, (not sure and I don't have time to look it up). They didn't have to say they were going to the moon to keep up with the lie if the earth is flat.

No one in the 1700s, 1800s or 1900s would have said, HEY, why aren't we going to the moon if the earth is round LOL

Now my guess as to why they created this scam is so people would DONATE money to this exciting NASA adventure of going to the moon because till this day, people are fascinated by it.

I know my website coder is and he will never believe the truth because then it would burst his illusionary bubble like most geeks who live in a fantasy world online because real life is too painful and he thinks, not as exciting, even though this relearning all about the TRUTH for me is very very exciting.

And by the way, I love my website coder. We are friends so it pains me he refuses to learn the truth.

Another thing, I'm pretty sure I heard a few times that NASA is a spy agency, so that's another reason for covering it up with a fake scam.

Anyway, thanks to this guy -

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