Hands Off Our Children: The Vaccine Injured Speak Out

2 years ago

Tell the FDA no EUAs for Infants and Children. Take action Now!


HANDS OFF OUR CHILDREN! Families with children who experience a devastating injury, or worse death, following COVID shots will never be the same. Our hearts break for the sadness, grief, turmoil and damage these families are dealing with and we support their journey to share the truth of what occurred as they seek justice.

The current science and data proves giving children COVID shots is not only unnecessary, but will recklessly endanger their lives. There is no emergency whatsoever for children from COVID, therefore there is no justification for issuing an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Text “FDA” to 33777 to tell the FDA to vote NO on EUA for infants and children. Please take action today, VRBPAC meetings take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 14 and 15.

Please share this video and ask others to do the same!

​​Music by Joydah Mae

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