Smoking a Cuban Cigar On Our Patio Garden & Talking about Whatever We Want, See TIMESTAMPS [ASMR]

Published June 13, 2022 51 Views

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- Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow

- Julian Assange's “The World Tomorrow” available at: Videos hosted on RT:

- Clown World Canada: This Is How Idiotic Bureaucracy Is, When Governments Go Too Far, When Centralized Power Tries To Control Humanity (5:13-10:48)
- Snack of the Day: Almonds Soaked in Water, Makes It Easier to Digest, for People with Issues with Nuts (8:14-9:15)
- Bamboo Growing by the Side of a House Can Cause Piping Issues (10:54-11:40)
- For a Good Laugh, Read IMDB Reviews On Controversial Movies and TV Series: Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Garbage, Instead Watch Food Wars (14:37-17:27)
- The Mandalorian TV Series is Pure Garbage (18:17-20:00)
- Never Hire or Work with Technocrats That Supported Censorship (24:34-26:08)
- Philosophy Book Recommendation: Read C.S. Lewis (28:47-30:04)
- Tobacco, Meditation, Healing Energy and Health Benefits of Relaxing: Stress Is a Killer (31:06-33:24)
- Cigars with Food and Drinks (34:30-35:41)
- Regarding Mass Shootings, Investigate the Causes (43:25-45:39)
- The Leftoids (46:44-49:30)
- More random discussion
- It's Not about How Long You Live, It's about How Well You Live: Life & Relationships Should Be about Intensity Not about Longevity (57:49-58:21)
- Taking a Look at Our Plants on the Patio, Learn to Grow Food: To Become Antifragile, Every Community Should Give Away Free Seedlings (58:26-1:03:48)
- Advice on How to Learn Math: Enjoy the Learning Process, Don't Let Bad Teachers Discourage You (1:04:35-1:05:48)
- If You Have Kitty Cats, Plant Grass for Them in Your Garden, They Will Love It (1:07:12-1:08:01)
- Lots of random discussion
- Nuclear Peace Theory: Globalists Will Nuke the World, They Are a Death Cult (1:35:30-1:38:46)
- We Have to Look at the Data (1:38:50-1:40:21)
- Croatia and the Euro, Follow-up: End of Croatia As We Know It (1:40:21-1:42:18)
- Random discussion
- Don't Be Rude to "The Whole People", Otherwise You Will Face the Wrath of Cheryl: Salute to the Mods (1:52:36-1:55:58)
- More random discussion
- Cheers to Julian Assange (2:02:42)

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