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178 Parliaments worldwide belong to the International Parliamentary Union. Virtual meeting, face to face meetings are familiar. New Zealand play its role in the IPU on the world stage, globally insists in being heard.

Whilst this is happening we have serious issues in New Zealand. Under the veil of COVID 19 'Enabling Acts' have been introduced. Hitler introduced an 'Enabling Act' to influence, control the German People and we all know what cruel evil acts happened under the Nazi Regime.

Govts worldwide have their massive 'Disinformation' campaigns going on. Add the massive power of 'Critical Theory' - setting New Zealander's up to deliberately destroy each other- People destroying People. (The Shame and Blame Game)

The corruption, the confusion, the targeting of democratic rights, and the politically charged targeting of our young through NZ Educational Policy "Universal Education'

Trying to work our way through understanding all this shit being thrown at us is very difficult, so much going on that often too hard to take on board.

In the background are the Government under a proposed Iwi Elite/Govt Partnership of Maori Health Authorities, He Pua Pua and Three Waters Reform collaborating with the WTO and the WEF, the UN, Philanthropists, Academia, NGO's.. all included in the greay plan to destroy New Zealanders small businesses, farmers by introducing a Corporate Capture of New Zealand.

A Corporate Capture of Education, Health, Infrastructure, Economy and the list goes on. The Corporate Capture of our Democratic Rights, our Human Rights

I will be producing further video's on all of these serious concerns to awaken more Mew Zealander's to the evils going on behind the closed door of the toilet bowl of Wellington.

Video produced by Carol Sakey

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