7 months ago

How to Use the Experience of a Soviet Expat to Resist the Great Reset

Tessa Lena - Tessa Fights Robots

Life in America… long known as the ‘Beacon of Freedom’ for the world… has been turned upside down – in lockstep with the WEF’s Global Reset plan. Right out of the gate came the manufactured COVID plandemic; the economy-busting lockdowns which shut down many of America’s small businesses; and the clamp-down on free speech. It didn’t stop there, though. These global, corporate oligarchs and captured governments rolled out critical race theory, gender dysphoria, and engineered supply chain disruptions to pressure us into moving to lab-grown Frankenfoods and GMO produce.

Welcome to the New Normal. It’s normal where seemingly healthy adults now drop dead for no apparent reason. I believe they are calling it SADS – Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Just like the youngsters suddenly getting heart attacks and myocarditis – the new normal. It’s been going, we’re told, it is just that the reporting has gotten better.

But that is not what is really happening. These deaths, these heart problems, and most of the so-called deaths from COVID are the side effects of these not-properly-tested-and-quickly-rolled-out vaccines. Of course, for many reasons – none you care to hear, though -- the authorities will never admit to that. So, the gullible and those who fell for the mass psychosis Psy-Op, think these are just signs of the times. They are not.

Tessa Lena, a New York-based podcaster, musician, blogger, and artist, is working on the front lines to raise awareness about these issues… hoping to create a little crack in the reality of some of the estimated 40% of the population who still have a chance to see the light.

Tessa, a recent immigrant from Russia, will bring her unique insights, perspective, and thoughtful solutions to our podcast on Thursday. What kind of solutions? For one, Tessa says questions of the heart and simple peasant humility lie in uncharted territory for the self-respecting urban, educated mind. Like the elephant in the middle of the room, those big, foundational questions are never touched.

“We want answers but we don’t want to change our idea about ourselves and our self-aggrandizing intellectual paradigms. The machine annihilates the senses we were born with, the senses that allow us to find happiness and to be fully present in the primordial state. It covers up the context. The ability to find the solution means trashing the interface entirely.”

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