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Powerful testimonial and information from American State National Teri Kealoha Sahm, Washington State Coordinator and Super Co-ordinator for the Federation of States, which represents the Union of States restored and brought back to life on the land and soil jurisdiction of the USA by Anna von Reitz, who was recently subjected to an egregious Show-of-Force SWAT-team and helicopter- and drone-led eviction from her own home for the second time, succeeding previous attempts at unlawful foreclosure.

Knowledgeable about her God-given rights and rights in American Common Law, Teri explains some of the process by which she is redressing this mighty wrong—a wrong which included Sheriffs using a low-grade explosive to bust through her door, break windows, and startle her elderly dog, who was later kidnapped and taken to an experimental vet where he was unlawfully administered 12 drugs including the euthanizing drug Pentothal without her permission, and, tragically, later died in her arms.

Teri who has been hosting conversational weekly webinars with Anna von Reitz to share all breaking news on the status of the restored 50 state Republics and state assemblies and help educate all on the nature of citizenship and jurisdiction within the Land and Soil Jurisdiction versus the Sea Jurisdiction of Admiralty/Maritime Law wherein the current US government, an incorporated entity, is currently situated, also discourses on the current status of the Federation and invites all viewers to learn more, and take steps to reclaim their own birthright American status and join the growing state assembly in their own state.

The state of affairs in America today, Teri explains, is such that the corporate construct baulks at stopping their crimes but continues to act against the people, trampling on basic rights and freedoms, going so far as to engage in horrific actions such as was leveled against her—an over the top police and Sheriff-eviction based on a court order from a judge using helicopters, drones, 12 Sheriff cars from neighboring counties, an armored car, fire trucks, street blockages and actually locking down a local school with loudspeaker-commands from the helicopter while creating a demented and terrorizing spectacle for the entire neighborhood, no doubt the intent behind such armed lunacy.

Show of force intended to engender fear of the police and Sheriffs and sudden obeisance to their “authority” thus displayed?

What such an outrage invokes rather is shock at this profound trespass on privacy and homeowner rights. Is this what America has come to? A place where Sheriffs, police, and EMS staff can run amuck, terrorizing the population? It's a disgrace, says Teri, and they will be held accountable. There is a process of “Noticing” such miscreants with proper Notices, and liens – a process she has embarked on and reports some progress on, to be further investigated and reported on shortly.

As an American state national, Teri's status is that of a “living woman” keeping to American common law and restored to her birthright American status on the land and soil jurisdiction—while the State employees who terrorized her are US citizens, slaves of the US Inc. corporation, who are, she reminds us, also Covid-jabbed, meaning filled with nanographene and unable to control their own actions, being susceptible physically now to remote-access manipulation of their biology and brains (as per published intent in scientific papers).

Stepping out of the sea jurisdiction of enslaving US citizenship and returning to the land jurisdiction by declaring one's status as a living soul is a profound act of overturning millennia-long fraud and realigning energetically with the Universe, which is on our side currently, she offers, with an outpouring of energetic change and love energies which has already begun to transform the Earth, and which we can tap into by changing our own vibrations to a higher love and harmony space, thereby helping to discourage lower-vibrating negative entities and intentions and helping to transform our world into a better place (free of helicopter drone and Sheriff/police terrorism one hopes).

Uplifting and reassuring, Teri offers powerful encouragement for people to look within, find their own power, and also call freely on God/Creator/spirit guides for help when needed, while working to build the new world through building our state assemblies and ignoring the mayhem-through-media messaging and narratives the globalists and cabalists are still pounding away at.

A message that surely resonates with all of us!

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