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Frontline Docs Have Had Enough: They’re Suing the FDA

Dr. Paul Marik - Chairman, Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

PDF #1 - Medical Tyranny and COVID-19

Half a decade ago Dr. Marik nearly eliminated sepsis, a serious infection for which most conventional treatments ended in death, using a protocol that featured a high dose of Vitamin C. Noticing that many Covid patients were nutrient deficient, he used this same “HAT” protocol, added other proven therapies, and saved over 90% of his Covid patients. By the end of 2020, Dr. Marik and over 100 other Frontline Doctors were getting similar outcomes.

When he added Ivermectin to what his team termed the “MATH+” protocol, his hospital refused to allow this long-proven drug to its patients. So, Dr. Marik sued them. Norfolk’s local news reported:

“Marik claims that Sentara's policy may have led to the deaths of four of his patients who were never given the opportunity to learn of or be treated with potentially life-saving medicines. He said these actions are criminal.

"It's not just for me; it's for patients across the whole country. They have the right to choose what treatment they want," Marik said Thursday. "It's an outrage and yet there are other effective treatments available that they are trying to silence. The patients across this country need to know that they have options."

After Norfolk’s Sentara hospital suspended Dr. Marik’s privileges, he resigned from the medical school where he was one of the most popular teachers. By this time, many realized that our government had been captured by special interests. Even Democrats in Virginia’s legislature voted for a bill praising Dr. Marik as a leader in Covid treatment.

Another part of the state government, though, the Department of Health, ignored the clamor for truth and piled onto Dr. Marik’s plight, initiating an investigation into his support for effective treatments. Dr. Meryl Nass, whose license was suspended by Maine’s medical board for prescribing effective treatments, said the contradiction of the simultaneous commendation and investigation of Marik demonstrates that government administrations have “gone rogue … to stifle doctor and patient choice and autonomy.”

In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has never recommended effective early treatments for Covid, a crime that Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch blames as the cause for most of the million Covid deaths. For the FDA’s negligence, Dr. Marik and other Frontline Doctors have sued the agency.

The larger question out of the Covid hysteria is this: Are we going to allow this criminal and deadly approach to treating Americans to continue? Or are we going to join together to revamp the system; reward independent healers.. honor patient rights… and stop the regulatory capture by the special interests?

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