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Deprogramming: The Social Psychology of Psychological manipulation with Dustin Broadbery. EP2

History is a lie agreed upon because if you repeat one often enough it becomes consensus. Additionally, to question a past or present narrative is labeled divergent. Divergence from the narrative now has a certain label, grouping in all divergents whether they are radical or not. Might it be that certain divergent groups are now purposely crafted in order to discredit them ALL thus giving the lie ultimate power?

We know what works in regards to social engineering due to past experiments. Could the results of these social experiments fuel tactics being used to program the masses?

Dustin and I discuss elements that make social engineering successful, what the goal is of them and some ways to DE-program from these pervasive elements.

*Dustin Broadbery is a writer and researcher based in London who has been writing about the New Normal the past two years, particularly the ethical and legal issues around lockdowns and mandates, the history and roadmap to today's biosecurity state, and the key players and institutions involved in the globalized takeover of our commons. Other topics he covers is the intelligence state, big tech surveillance, big philanthropy and the co-opting of activism.

You can find his work at https://www.thecogent.org

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