Is Ray Epps an undercover fed?

1 year ago


The identity of Ray Epps was known shortly after January 6, but Mr. Epps has never been charged or prosecuted.

He was recorded on the night of Jan. 5, telling crowds of Trump supporters, "Tomorrow, we need to go into the Capitol!"

The crowd then broke out into chants of "FED! FED! FED!"

Ray was also recorded standing next to known antifa member John Sullivan who infiltrated the crowd of Trump supporters and was later paid by CNN for his footage of the events.

On Jan. 6, Ray is recorded guiding Trump supporters towards the Capitol before whispering into the ear of the first protestor who pushed past the Capitol police.

Leftist groups referred to Ray Epps as #BigMAGACamo, #CrowdControl, and #FEDBoomer on social media.

Is Ray Epps an undercover fed❓

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