6/9/22 Tacky Thursday - Happy Slave Holiday! Juneteenth 2022

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Its the rainbow month but the slave holiday Juneteeth is coming up. Gay Pride take precedent over the slave holiday, as its being exploited through every industry entertainment, sports, corporate businesses, educational system and the government.

1. Project Vertitas reports Former ABC News President James Goldston is producing the Jan. 6 Hearing - He’s the same guy who spiked Amy Robach’s story exposing Jeffery Epstein and his connections to Bill Clinton and the Prince Andrew

2. Klaus Schwab says We have them all in our bags, politicians, media and especially the experts and scientists

3. video surfaces showing that Antifa was already in the Capitol showing their Flag in the window on Jan 6th

4. Free pass Paul Pelosi.House Pelosi loves to lecture us on ‘no one is above the law’ and ‘white supremacy’ Now…DUI charges against Paul Pelosi in Napa have been dropped

5. Pro Abortion Activist tackled by Secret Service

6. Sen Stabenow says On the issue of gas prices, I drove my electric vehicle from Michigan to here last weekend and went by every gas station and it didn’t matter how high it was. The Democrats propose everyone go by a 50k electric car the gas prices would not effect them.

7. Cassady Campbell Speaking AGAINST Pride Month at Arlington Texas City Council claiming gays are the Pedophiles when the real perps are using gays as scapegoat because they using lgbtq to sexualize children

8.This is a child…that is a “drag queen” dancing in front of adults…while they give him money…like a stripper

9. Anthony Sabatini Responds With Legislation Push To Punish Parents

10. NFL signs 1st transgender to Carolina Panthers cheerleading squad

11. Bill Maher calls says the Jews own and control all entetainment, Ann Coulter points out that all jews run CNN and really all of MSM networks

12. Racist White liberal The View's Joy Behar- "Once black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change — Trust me

13. video of kids in high school showing off the illegal guns they carry everyday to Gun Free Zone School

14. 2 black men in custody, charged with murder in South Street mass shooting/ in NYC 61 yr Victor Vega Man dies after hitting his head during mugging by 2 black men

15. Black man arrested after video shows woman being thrown off a Bronx subway platform onto the tracks

16. Black man slams unsuspecting white child from behind into the store shelves . if this was in reverse it would be on national news

17. The Section 8 Baby Mama takeover South Beach and Akata dine and dash being chased by Waiter of restaurant

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