9 months ago

Frank Zappa: Schools Train People To Be Ignorant With Style

"Schools Train People To Be Ignorant, With Style. They Give You The Equipment That You Need To Be A Functional Ignoramus. American Schools* Do Not Equip You To Deal With Things Like Logic; They Don’t Give You The Criteria By Which To Judge Between Good And Bad In Any Medium Or Format, And They Prepare You To Be A Usable Victim For Military-Industrial Complex That Needs Manpower.”

“As Long As You’re Just Smart Enough To Do A Job And Just Dumb Enough To Swallow What They Feed You, You’re Gonna Be Alright. But If You Go Beyond That Then You’re Gonna Have These Grave Doubts That Give You Stomach Problems, Headaches…Make You Want To Go Out And Do Something Else. So, I Believe That Schools Mechanically And Very Specifically Try And Breed Out Any Hint Of Creative Thought In The Kids That Are Coming Out.”

Date Aired: October 26th, 1981 "Freeman Report"

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