Is It Any Coincidence? 57% of All Pre-Birth Baby Deaths in VAERS Occurred Over the Past Two Years

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1 year ago

Between 1998 and May of this year, the total number of pregnant women who were vaccinated for all diseases and then lost their babies was 6695.

In just the past couple of years, 3816 babies died after their mothers received a COVID-19 vaccination, meaning 57% of all the vaccinations that resulted in a baby or fetus dying over the past 24 years took place when pregnant women started receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

Out of these 3816 deaths, 1559 babies died within the first ten days, and 2257 died from day 10 on.

Of the pregnant women who had spontaneous abortions or their babies died of other fetal disorders, 20% lost their babies on the day of vaccination, and 21% lost their babies in the following 9 days.

"Could it be a coincidence that a COVID-19 vaccinated woman loses her baby and 41% of the time the baby dies within 10 days of the mother's vaccination?"

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