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LIVE: Global Elites Make Covenant With Demons, Pastor Calls for Fauci Execution, Depop Crisis Inc

Wednesday, June 8th, The Stew Peters Show is back with some OUTSTANDING segments for you to view!

We remember the heroes from the crew of the U.S.S. Liberty, on their 55th anniversary.

Ask Dr. Jane Ruby is BACK with new questions to answer! What is the difference between spike proteins transmitted through illness and vaccine? What percentage of MonkeyPox cases are from vaccinated people? Should we vaccinate our kids with other vaccines?

Mark Burns is determined to be the BEST America First candidate in South Carolina!

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Mr. Noots is here to help us be fruitful and multiply, to DEFEAT the depopulation agenda!

Don't forget to also check out for help on increasing your mental & physical strength to battle the deep-state's KRYPTONITE plot on Americans!

Karen Kingston discusses her horrific findings of Elon Musk’s new project: Cyborg AI’s.

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