9 months ago

Dr. Russell Blaylock On The Chemical Dumbing Down Of Society

Through A Barrage Of Toxic Chemicals And Compounds, Blaylock Says The Government Is Purposely Trying To Dumb Down The Masses. A Dumber Society Is More Easily Controlled, After All.

“We’re Seeing A Society That Not Only Has A Lot More People Of Lower IQ But A Lot Fewer People Of Higher IQ. In Other Words, A Dumbing Down, A Chemical Dumbing Down Of Society,”

“We Have These People Of Lower IQ, Who Are Totally Dependent. Then We Have This Mass Of People Who Are Going To Believe Anything They Are Told Because They Can’t Really Think Clearly, And Very Few People Of A Very High IQ Have Good Cognitive Function Who Can Figure This All Out,”

Dr. Russell Blaylock Is A Retired Neurosurgeon, Researcher, And Author. He Is A Former Clinical Assistant Professor Of Neurosurgery At The University Of Mississippi Medical Center. He Produced Work On Excitotoxic Food Additives Such As Aspartame And MSG, And Also On Vaccines Including The H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) Vaccine.

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