The Great Game with Matt, V and CJ: World in Review June 7, 2022

1 year ago

In this episode of The Great Game on Rogue News, Matt, V and CJ break down global events with an evaluation of the collapsing "Summit of the Americas" currently boycotted by several Latin American/Caribbean states, this week's Bilderberg meeting in Washington, and rise of new currency/security blocs in Eurasia and LatAm. We unpacked the similarities between the Antifa-driven riots in the USA and the failed regime change operation of Tiananmen Square of 1989, and the bizarre fetish of monarchists saluting holograms of the Queen on her diamond Jubillee. We also discussed the fraud of British Imperial theorists like Isaac Newton, Adam Smith, John Locke and Malthus who have been falsely sold to credulous citizens of the west as the inspiration for the American Revolution while the truth is something far different.

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