6 God made Cycles of History

1 year ago

"God's plan for Mankind is not a mystery to be solved but a puzzle to be assembled when we have all the pieces."

This is a call from a Baptist and a Catholic who connected a unique collection of pieces gathered from Orthodox, Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant sources. We create a picture of what's coming in the days ahead, and how our future is bound to reflect our past based on cycles and parallels that no one has ever seen before. Like Joshua and Caleb, we bring enormous pieces of fruit for people to digest, in hopes it will excite believers to move forward, conquer the giants in the land, and enjoy a state of perfection unimaginable until now.

Based on our booklet Church-Coming of Age, published in April 2015 invites investigation, verification, and elaboration by credentialed ministers, theologians, prophets, bible teachers, academics, and other church leaders.

Produced by Don Brooks and Patrick Bestall.

To order a copy of the chart and booklet contact;


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