Truth for Health Virtual University Presents: Faith Over Fear pt. 4 Planning for Chaos

Published June 6, 2022 1,688 Views

This week’s speakers: Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. Preventive and Climacteric Integrative Medicine physician and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation, with Dr. John Waterman, EMF radiation expert and naturopathic physician, and Lt. Col (ret) Pete Chambers, D.O., former Green Beret and special forces combat physician and flight surgeon.

Our team of radiation and medical experts discuss what happens to the body with specific radiation frequencies, and how these are being used more broadly in our communities as the globalists push to ramp up 5G. We will discuss the concept of directed energy weapons (DEWs) already in use by the world’s militaries, drug cartels, and deployed against the peaceful citizens of Canberra, Australia in attempts to silence protests against the tyranny of lockdowns and vaccine mandates. You need to know what is coming. Our medical team will be teaching YOU the ACTION STEPS to take now to reduce risk of environmental radiation exposure. Topics include:

What are the damages that can occur with radiation illness (“Havana Syndrome”)

Why are people more at risk of radiation illness after the COVID shot?

What symptoms of radiation damage should you watch for?

How do radiation damage symptoms overlap with COVID and other medical conditions?

What are the common approaches to treatment you can put in place now?

How to plan your radiation exposure “checklist” and home therapy kit.

The first hour presentation will be followed by Live Q&A for participants to ask questions. Recording will then be archived on for replay.

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