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The quest for Human Dignity in a what is becoming an immoral dehumanized world. Inclusive ccollective fear caused by political national, global tyranny and its absolutely insidious, unthinkable acts of violation against Human Dignity itself.

A culture of fear Culture of fear (or climate of fear) is the concept that people may incite fear in the general public to achieve political goals.

While fear is certainly a motivating factor in human behavior, it consistently leads to bad decisions .

Are you fearful that if you speak out pubclically or to work mates about a concerning issue around government you may lose your job.

Are you fearful if you publically speak out opposing government policies you will be arrested. If you feel you must conform even though you feel undafe doing so then you are living in the culture of fear.

If you are fearful your family, friends won't like you because you have opposing views and their views are pro govt theories then you are living in a culture of fear.

The culture of fear has caused massive unemployment and heartbreak within many families.

We are living under a deliberated Critical Theory Concept- Oppressor Group vs Oppressed Group. People destroying each other whilst the government contines to control a weakened nation by using the weapon of fear to control New Zealanders lives.

This video has been produced by Carol Sakey
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