Dr. John Money’s Genderless World And The Twin Boys Who Died To Kill His Theory Of Gender Neutrality

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Money Was Born In New Zealand And Moving To The USA To Earn A Ph.D. At Harvard In 1952, After Writing A Dissertation On Hermaphrodites (Hermaphroditism: An Inquiry Into The Nature Of A Human Paradox). Money Was Married Briefly In The 1950s, But Quickly Divorced And Would Never Marry Again.

He Is Almost Fully Responsible For Modern Day Usage Of The Word “Gender” To Refer To Sexuality. He Focused On Abnormally Developed Sex Organs And Had A Special Interest In Hermaphrodites. He Theorized That Gender Was A Learned Trait, Of Which Having A Penis Or Vagina Was Only One Of Many Factors. In Addition To The Typical Factors Of Chromosomes, Type Of Genitalia, Presence Of Sex Hormones, Etc., Money Theorized There Was An Additional Factor That Decided One’s Sex: “Gender Role And Orientation As Male Or Female, Established While Growing Up.”

At The Time, The Word Gender Was Not Used To Refer To Human Sexuality, And Money Explained Gender Role As:

"All Those Things That A Person Says Or Does To Disclose Himself Or Herself As Having The Status Of Boy Or Man, Girl Or Woman, Respectively. It Includes But Is Not Restricted To Sexuality In The Sense Of Eroticism. Gender Role Is Appraised About The Following: General Mannerisms, Deportment And Demeanor; Play Preferences And Recreational Interests; Spontaneous Topics Of Talk In Unprompted Conversation And Casual Comment; Content Of Dreams, Daydreams, And Fantasies; Replies To Oblique Inquiries And Projective Tests; Evidence Of Erotic Practices, And, Finally, The Person’s Replies To Direct Inquiry."

The First Sex Change Operations Were Performed At Money’s Clinic

For Dr. Money, Gender Included Not Only A Man-woman Decision But Also One’s Behavior And Attitude That Went Beyond Biology. No Longer Was A Boy Who Picked Up A Doll Just Being Curious, Expressing Interest In The Human Body, Or Merely Picking Up A Toy He Didn’t Understand The Sexual And Social Ramifications Of.

No, According To Money, This Boy Was Expressing His Feminine Side. The John Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic Was The First Attempt At Considering That Sex Was Something That Humans Had Control Over.

The Next Time You Hear Someone Use The Word Gender, Think Of Dr. Money, Who Is Directly Responsible For Its Usage. And Think Of David Reimer.

Source: https://www.returnofkings.com/75405/a-modern-day-horror-story-on-the-origin-of-the-transgender-movement

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