Air Travel Demand - Can It Remain Robust?

1 year ago

Invest seven minutes. We're covering critical areas regarding where air traffic will be headed in the second half of 2022. It's data and insights not covered elsewhere.

- Higher Seat Loading - airlines raising fares to return to 2019 revenues, but over a lot less capacity.

- Inflation. When food is up 13%, gas hitting close to $5, and diesel facing a shortage, plus consumer sentiment heading south, that is not a recipe for air traffic growth. Jet-A prices? Plan on up, up, and away. Considering that the occupants of the White House have spent the last 18 months choking off oil and gas production, the airline industry can't look for relief.

- Our latest 2022 Airports:USA forecast... and caveats.

- Estimates of capacity for rest of year v 2019.

- The four major air travel sectors - what we can expect for each.

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