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Seth Keshel - Behind the Election Corruption Curtain | Honolulu, HI | 6/4/2022

Seth Keshel, MBA, is a former Army Captain of Military Intelligence and Afghanistan veteran. His analytical method is known worldwide and has been recognized by President Donald Trump. Seth is a brilliant data scientist who has traveled throughout the Country to lead conservative grassroots efforts for election integrity.

We are incredibly honored and grateful that Seth Keshel came to visit us here for a second time on Oahu to speak about some major issues that Hawaii has with election corruption. The results will absolutely surprise you! You can follow Seth Keshel's work on Telegram and TRUTH Social @RealSKeshel

Big MAHALO to Audit the Vote Hawaii for setting up this thought-provoking and informative event. For more information and to volunteer in the local grassroots efforts to restore free, fair, and transparent elections in Hawaii, follow Audit the Vote Hawaii on Telegram, Instagram, and TRUTH Social @AudittheVoteHI

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[0:00] Introduction
[6:48] Hawaii Overview
[11:40] Hawaii Trends
[20:00] Hawaii Heat Map
[20:20] Maui County
[23:43] Hawai'i County
[25:25] Kauai County
[26:55] Ni'ihau Island
[28:56] Honolulu County
[33:05] 1. Clean out the Voter Rolls
[36:30] 2. Ban All Electronic Elections Equipment
[37:46] 3. Voter ID with Peper Ballots Only
[38:32] 4. Ban Mail-In Voting
[39:28] 5. Ban Early Voting
[40:16] 6. Drastically Smaller Precincts
[41:25] 7. Ban Ballot Harvesting
[42:14] 8. Election Day is a Holiday
[43:08] 9. New Reporting Requirements for Transparency
[44:21] 10. Heavy Prison Sentences for All Who Commit Fraud

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