7 months ago

Vaxx-threatened Doctors forming Better Practices

Mary Talley Bowden - Owner, BreatheMD

Crimping on doctor flexibility already was creating buyer’s remorse among specialists who sacrificed independence for hospital employment. While many sought escape from the institutional smothering, they lacked business know-how… or doubted that enough patients would seek out an independent practice. Today, top-notch cash appointment consultants are coaching healers on how to list real prices and work with employers to get a steady supply of patients. – something Covid, as people began looking for more independent docs, helped expedite.

COVID was in large part responsible for expediting this, as these hospital systems exploited the COVID corruption to double down on limits on the already low-common-denominator “standards” of care; even threatening doctors who followed the Hippocratic Oath to provide early, efficacious treatments. When their gene therapy vaccine was rushed through in the FDA’s corrupt, emergency authorization process, most medical leaders-imposed peer pressure on the nurses and staff to join this ritual.

Many health professionals, though, resisted, leading some hospitals in late 2020 to offer bribes for jab compliance. The significant percentage who faced the vitriol and declined to participate in what we now know is a dangerous experiment were fired…or lost hospital privileges – like Dr. Bowden.

Having formed a “direct specialty” practice before COVID, Dr. Bowden was able to maximize the flexibility of such independent ventures by offering those effective treatments like Ivermectin which were prohibited in the corrupt hospitals. Never willing to let superior competition exist without punishment, the medical special interests are goading the state Medical Board to harass early prescribers like Dr. Bowden.
But this Hippocratic Oath-honoring behavior of Dr. Bowden shows the critical need for independent specialists. For many patients, it’s a matter of life and death.

Relying on cash payments and competitive marketing to increase their appeal and visibility, direct specialists offer patients more time and a broader array of treatments. And happy docs and happy patients make for a better health marketplace.

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