Marcus Weldon - "The Santa Shooter" - Interview with Detroit Arms

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1 year ago

We spend some time with Marcus Weldon where he shares the details of a self defense incident in downtown Detroit in December 2014.

Marcus is the author of Surviving the System: The Story of the Santa Shooter.

His story was picked up my many media outlets including Fox News: Tucker Carlson (highlights included).

Interview was conducted in front of a live online audience and the lucky individuals who registered and attended the free online event got some time after the show with Marcus.

You can find out more about Marcus and order his book online at his website.

Interview is conducted by Doreen Hankins of Detroit Arms. Doreen heads up Detroit Arms and is a USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor.

Detroit Arms is a firearms training facility founded in 2007 and located in Metro Detroit, Michigan.

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