Lifesource Happygrams! Sound of Silence ep2

1 year ago

Originally conceived as spirit-lifters to air at the end of news reports and help move people into a good space, Happygrams took on a life of their own with contributers sharing a steady stream of feel good videos from the human, plant and animal kingdoms on our Telegram channel. We are happy to share the work of the creators who put these compilations together, as well as share our own creations.

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Does the truth have to hurt? LifeSource original shows answer your deepest questions. Financial sovereignty in a profit-driven world. Reaching the highest soul connection. Bridging the gap between medicine and natural healing, safely. Maybe you have questions about the nature of institutions meant to serve you, your personal relationships, or want practical info on UFO'S and stargates. You're wondering what part of history is real? Here is truth, higher elevation consciousness and more, delivered in no-holds-barred apolitical fashion. Our integrity is real and so our are shows.

Speaking of advertising--that is old paradigm. Advertising is a manipulation designed to get you to buy somethign you don't want or need. The only sponsors we align with are those we can stand beside firmly, in integrity.

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