Ditching the System: Parallel Structures and Building Relationships With Like-Minded People

Published June 3, 2022 541 Views
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Robin Monotti: "I think a parallel structure, at this stage, is the form of resistance that is more likely to lead to a positive outcome [than confronting the current system head-on]."

"This [system] will not last for so much longer, because the lies ultimately will come out and enough of society who is not benefiting directly will say, 'Enough of that system.' The new system needs to be local; we need to know each other face-to-face..."

Full Video: https://www.redvoicemedia.com/video/2022/05/smart-cities-instrumentarianism-and-the-fight-against-tyranny-robin-monotti-joins-jerm-warfare-video-interview/

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