Meet Kari Lake, Fearless America First Candidate for Arizona Governor

1 year ago

Doug talks to Kari Lake, fearless America First candidate for Arizona Governor.

Doug Truax: Welcome to the First Right podcast. A weekly conservative news show brought to you by Restoration PAC. I'm Doug Truax, founder, and president of Restoration PAC. Today, We were blessed to have a first-time guest, Karu Lake, Republican candidate for governor of Arizona.  Kari quit her job as a respected TV anchor in the Phoenix area because of liberal bias. And now is speaking truth to power in the grand canyon state. Well, hi Kari. Thank you for coming on the show.

Kari Lake: My pleasure, Doug, how are you doing?

Doug Truax: I'm doing great. I'm doing great. Not as good as you could take an Arizona by storm. It's going great. We're happy to see all that. And so much of what you're doing is speaking truth to power and calling it like it is calling out the media bias. And so before I w I want you to talk about that, but before we get there, I want to, I want to run this TV ad. You got out there.

Kari Lake: Okay. Hi Arizona. I'm Kari Lake, the Trump endorsed candidate for governor. If you're watching this ad right now, it means you're in the middle of watching a fake news program. You know how to know it's fake because they won't even cover the biggest story out there. The rigged election of 2020 and rigged elections have consequences. We're all feeling it. Soaring prices, a spike in homelessness and an invasion on our border. I'm the only candidate with a plan to tackle all of those issues. And when I'm governor, we'll finish the wall and criminals who cross our border will be sent back. We'll get the homeless out of our parks and off our streets and no more masks, swabs, or shots to go to work or go to school. Our kids will get a real education, not a brainwashing to see where I stand on. All the issues, go to Now let's send the corrupt news, the lesson and turn them on

Doug Truax: Kari  lake for governor.
So I would call that I would call that not hedging, anything so good, so good for you. So, so is that a you're having some great success? Is, is that the root of it.

Kari Lake: I was just having fun with that commercial. I intentionally put that out kind of trolling the mainstream media, the corrupt media. And I only put that out during newscasts just to let people know, Hey, you know, if you're watching, if you're seeing this commercial, you must be tuning in to a fake newscast. And I wanted them to know because they're not covering the most important story, but actually we just put out a new ad today and this one's going to be airing all over the state of Arizona. And I'm so honored that the new ad we're putting out today is an ad featuring my favorite guy, president Donald J. Trump. And he's in our ad talking about why he's endorsed me. And I'm really excited about that one as well

Doug Truax: You should be. And that's a, that's a big deal. And, you know, he sticks with the folks who tell the truth and, and you're definitely doing it. And, you know, interesting time in politics right now. So we, I feel like we have, most of the political class is being told by their consultants. Don't talk about election, you know, potential fraud and rigged elections or anything like that. And it seems like a lot of the politicians are listening. So you had this huge disconnect between the base wants to talk about this piece about election integrity, but a lot of the politicians are not doing it. And you are so talk about your success on that front.

Kari Lake: I've been doing it since the beginning. It was just a year ago yesterday that I, I threw my hat into the political arena and wow, what a year it's been. I remember somebody who was in politics telling me when I first started do not talk about the forensic audit. Don't talk about the 2020 election distanced yourself from president Trump and whatever you do, don't bring up COVID or question the vaccines or the mandates. And I looked at this guy and I basically kicked him out and I took all of his suggestions and advice, and I threw it in the trash can. And I immediately went down and I toured the forensic audit site. And I started talking about our corrupt elections. And, you know, people have finally caught up. We're seeing some more evidence every single day come out, including with the true, the vote people.
So I think I, I just realized I didn't turn my life upside down, walk away from my high paying job in the media because it's so corrupt and then decide to walk into politics and start lying to people. We got to start telling the truth and we need leaders to tell the truth. And if you can't talk about the biggest story out there, the biggest story of our lifetime are stolen elections, where we don't get to pick our representatives. Somebody else is picking them for us. Then, then what good are we? What good are we as American? So I'm all about the truth. It's resonating with the voters. We're doing quite well in the polls. I've, I've earned the endorsement of president Trump general, Michael Flynn, Mike Lindell, Rick Grinnell, Kash Patel, Brandon Tatum, Larry elder, Senator Marsha Blackburn. And I could go on and on. These are America first Patriots who are about saving this country. And most importantly, I'm earning the endorsement and support of Arizona's who are tired of the swamp running this state.

Doug Truax: Absolutely. And you know, you talk about that election integrity piece, all the Republicans and conservatives that I talked to, they get the concept that regardless of how you may feel about the border or whatever else, if we don't get the election piece, correct know, it doesn't matter. Nothing's going to, you know, nothing's going to happen because we won't be able to trust our elections. Who knows who's actually supposed to have one. And then when, when the confidence is out of the system, then we're, then we're in big trouble. They're so, so good for you for doing this.

Kari Lake: Yeah, well, we'll dug all of the problems you just mentioned are caused by a stolen election. I mean, think about it. The stolen election has been deadly, and that may sound dramatic, but let me explain. I mean, we've got a wide open border because of that stolen election. We had a border policy and a border plan that was working under president Donald J. Trump as a journalist. I covered Arizona's border and Arizona for 27 years. Never seen it more secure than under president Donald J. Trump, Joe Biden comes in on day one. He pulls that border policy back and he exposes us to the cartels, the narco terrorists. We've got fentanyl pouring in by the tons, literally by the tons poisoning and killing our young people. I don't know a single family who doesn't know somebody, whether it be a friend or a family member who's been killed by fentanyl.
So that's deadly, that's deadly. What's happening. We look at Afghanistan, this illegitimate president, Joe Biden. He pulled us out of Afghanistan in the most careless, reckless way you could ever imagine. And we lost 13 brave men and women in our military. And so the people who are covering up this stolen election, I mean, I am, I'm appalled by them. They should lose their, their status as good Americans, because they're not good Americans. If they're, if they're involved in that. And I go, that goes for the journalists out there, I call them propagandists. Now these propagandists who refuse to cover what's happening in this election are going to try to bury this Republic and bring it down. And we, the people will not allow that to happen.

Doug Truax: That's right. That's right. And if they're against the transparency that we're all seeking in this, it's like, well, what do you have to hide? And so that's, that's exactly right. It's like, it's, it's not that complicated.

Kari Lake: Well, no, they call it the most perfect election. You know, Ruth was perfect. You'd want to prove that rather than continuing to lie about it.

Doug Truax: Absolutely. So you talked about the border. So I want to cover that. I'm actually, I was born and raised in Deming, New Mexico, which is if you take I 10 towards El Paso is 30 miles from New Mexico, the Mexican border. So I know all about the border situation. My sister still lives in Tucson. She's a big fan by the way. And just throw that out there and she'll be happy to see that. So, so your, so your governor talk us through what you're going to do for the border there in Arizona.

Kari Lake: Well, I, I think my, the title kind of says it all. And my title of my border policy is called defend Arizona. And that's what we're going to do as a state. That's what our us constitution allows us to do. We're being invaded right now. And the federal government is supposed to protect us from an invasion, but they're failing. It's a dereliction of duty of the guarantee clause, article four, section four of the United States constitution. But our founders were so brilliant and almost prescient in, in when they put that together, that article one, section 10 clause three provides us a remedy. And that is when the state can step forward during an invasion and protect their own citizens. And so we will do that and we're going to on day one issue, a declaration of invasion. As soon as I take the oath of office, I'll remove my hand from the Bible and I will issue a declaration of invasion.
We're going to get the ball rolling and start to rumble with the federal government. If we have to, we will finish president Trump's wall project. There's 20 miles to complete. We're going to take the materials that are sitting in the desert that we, the people paid for. We're going to take those back and finish the construction of that wall. And I will take the Arizona national guard and put them on the border and prevent people from coming across. Currently the border patrol is just accepting all of these people. They walk over one group after the next, after the next and waves of people coming across and we process them and take them in. We're going to stop them from coming across. They're not coming in and we have the right to do that as a state. Additionally, we will work to battle with the cartels.
They're not going to allow, we're not going to allow the drones to across over the border, drop off drugs, do surveillance into intelligence and find out where our border patrol and our law enforcement are. We will shoot those drones down and we're going to blow up the drug tunnel so that they can't continue to use them. It's real easy. You just take it seriously. But unfortunately, we've got governors who are weak. We have weak Republican governors. We have destructive Democrat governors who refuse to protect their citizens. And that all stops in January of 23. When I take office.

Doug Truax: Yeah. Good for you. Well, we, Republicans are no, conservatives are just a bending the problem. And there's so many problems. The border, you know, the election transparency, the culture, you know, you're taking that piece on the Marxist ideology and the school in the schools and CRT and everything else. Give us, give us your snapshot of where you are with that and what you would see as governor, how you would make some changes there to,

Kari Lake: I am absolutely appalled. And I brought this up about a week ago. I was speaking to some of the great citizens in young Arizona. And I just read that the Joe Biden administration is going to dangle federal money. That is meant for the school lunch program. And he's going to pull that away from schools who need it. If they refuse to adopt this outrageous grooming sexual grooming of our children, these outrageous policies where they're pushing transgenderism and inappropriate sex education. And because parents are wising up and they're getting on the school boards and they're taking control of the curriculum and, and state lawmakers are now getting involved. And they're doing bands on CRT when it comes to curriculum and pushing that agenda and helping to take back parental rights. So that parents have the rights again, because that's happening at the state and local level, the Biden administration is trying to figure out a way to combat that.
And the way they're doing it is by dangling our federal tax dollars and saying, we won't give you the money for your lunch program. It's despicable. It's absolutely despicable because remember that federal money that they dangled in front of us, like a carrot is our money. It's the money they take from our paychecks. They take it and bring it to Washington DC, and then they Dole it back out to us. And now they want us to accept this outrageous agenda to poison our children's mind. It's, it's a perverted agenda. They're trying to hypersexualized our children and we, mama bears and Papa bears will not accept that. We will not take it. I would rather say no to those federal dollars that allow them to dictate this kind of an agenda on our children. It's just not going to happen in Arizona.

Doug Truax: Yeah. Good for you. And that's exactly right. That groomer phrase is what we need to use. I, they do not like that for good reason, because they know we're onto them and that kind of stuff, you know, from when we grew up as kids, it's like, how did we get to this place? It is so ridiculous that we just need more people like you standing up and saying, no, no more. That's enough of that. It's just ridiculous what you're doing. We're going to ruining a generation of kids.

Kari Lake: Yeah. Everyone's with us, Doug. I mean, they try to make it look like we're in the minority, but we're in the majority. People don't want it. I mean, we remember when we were in school and I'm assuming we're about the same age. I can't imagine having this twist and stuff thrown at me in school. No wonder we're seeing our mental illness spiking with our children. They're going into school. They know this stuff. Doesn't make sense. It's totally inappropriate. Let our, our little ones be little ones. Let our children be children. We want, when, when they need a G rated education, we don't want an X-rated education being presented to them. And we want actually our kids to learn, learn skills that they can take into the real world. So they can grab all the opportunities they have and live a fulfilled life and a life where they're using their God-given talents.

Doug Truax: That's right. And, and standing up for him, take strength. And you obviously haven't carried as it's displayed. Mostly what we like the most around here is when you take on a journalist, the so-called journalists who are actually pundants, you know, they're, they're displaying their ideological bias and you take them on, which is great. So why is it that more conservatives don't do what you do on that front?

Kari Lake: Well, I, I'm not, I'm in a, not trying to criticize people because I did have 30 years experience in journalism. So I understand exactly what's going on. I know how they're trying to twist things and now it's sad. They come, you know, the corporate media, the corrupt media comes at you and you can see their agenda in the way they ask the questions, the way they word the questions. You know, if they're going to talk to me about my border policy, you would think they would ask a question like you did. Hey, tell us what it is. How's it work. Maybe they'll ask some pointed questions about financing it and how do we pay for it? And, you know, I expect hard questions. I'm not afraid of a hard question. And the funny thing is I'm a pretty measured, calm person. I don't think I lose my cool all that often. But when I do an interview with them, for example, I call the Arizona Republic, the Arizona repugnant, because that's just what it's become. You know, I I'm talking in the manner and the tone that I'm using with you right now in my interviews with them and the headline is rage politics,
You know, anger, fuel candidate. And I'm thinking, wow, I, you know, they haven't yet seen me angry, wait until they see me angry because they'll, they won't know what's hitting them. That's what

Doug Truax: That's right. Our headline back is thin skin journalists, right? They can't handle, you know, you're supposed to just sit there as a conservative and take whatever they dish out.

Kari Lake: Yeah no but I do encourage, I do encourage all conservatives to push back, just push right back. You know, there's no need to take the abuse. There's no need to have them twist your words. And I also recommend recording. Every interview, you do invest in a microphone, invest in a camera, have a, have a staffer or somebody record that interview. I actually have started doing that. And I showed up at a television station to do an interview. They wouldn't let me in because I refuse to show a vaccine passport. So we had agreed to do the interview outside in the heat, which was fine with me. But when they saw that we had brought our cameras, they refuse to come out and do the interview. And that tells me, they're afraid of being exposed for being yellow journalists. Why wouldn't they allow me to record that interview that they are recording

Doug Truax: That's right. That is such a great idea. And I've thought that so many times just record them back. There's there's no way they can do their selective editing. Cause you got the proof. So yeah, that's good. But that's what it is. They want to be able to control the whole thing and you're taking the control out of their hands and you're putting it back in a place that's supposed to be so well. That's fantastic. And last question. So you were talking earlier about the political consultant that gave you all this advice and you basically just said dominated the exact opposite, get outta here. W what's it been like for you to, to go from that great career that you had to now the political world, you know, what's been a company what's been the most surprising thing once you entered the political world about, oh, that's not exactly what I was thinking. It was going to be or something like that.

Kari Lake: Yeah. Oh man. There's so many, there's so many things I've learned. I came from the corrupt news media, right? So maybe I'm prepared to go into this world. Of course I covered the politicians, but being on the inside, I've learned a lot, you know, we've got really corrupt consultants in Arizona. They are the Mo from the McCain machine in the McCain era. And I'm not using any of those people. As a matter of fact, I, I didn't have a consultant for the longest time because I said, if I can't find a consultant that is America first, then I'd rather not have one. Now I finally did find somebody who who's helping us out. But that, that first person who gave me that advice, he wasn't really hired. He was kind of volunteering his advice to me. And I'm Roman. He told me to back away from president Trump.
I looked at him and I said, I will never back away from president Trump. He is the man who woke people up. He's one of the greatest presidents, if not the greatest president of all time, he's up there. And I will never back away from him. And so I just, after that one meeting with him, I never saw him again. I just said this guy's out of his mind. He doesn't know anything. Most of these consultants though, are, you know, sometimes they're 25, 30 year olds. They come in from another state and they don't know anything about your state. I've covered Arizona for 27 years. I'm a mom, I'm raising a family here. I'm not going to have some consultant. Tell me how the people of Arizona feel. I know because I am a person who lives in Arizona and I've been a part of this community for a long time.
I've, I've learned how seedy and gross politics is. You know, the attack ads that are coming at me, they realized very early on that I was a threat. And two months into this, they started running attack ads, which is pretty early and unheard of in politics, especially statewide politics. I've had $6 million in attack ads directly aimed at me and my numbers keep going up. But they knew I had very high positives because I've covered Arizona fairly for 27 years. And they're intimidated by that and threatened by that. I think we're at a point in Arizona, critical juncture. We can either we're at a Y in the road. We can either go this way and follow the old McCain style, dirty politics. Or we can go this way and we can go with we, the people, America first policies that will get us out of this mess. And somebody dug recently said, well, you don't care. You don't have the political experience. And I said, yeah, that's the first line on my resume. Right? I am a political outsider. And it's the people who have political experience as they say, who got us into this mess.

Doug Truax: That's right. That's right. And people like you will get us out. And you know, you know exactly what you think about everything, you know, what's in your heart and makes you brave. And I appreciate that. And I know the good people of Arizona will appreciate that too. And we'll be watching your race and, and wish you all the best. And thank you so much for coming on a day and thank you for all you're doing.

Kari Lake: That's great. And thank you for having me on. And if people want to learn more about where I stand on the policies, especially if you're from Arizona, you can head over to Kari, K a R I L a K And I'm just really proud to have the America first movement behind me. I'm going to be the most conservative governor Arizona's ever seen. And that's a good thing. We are a red state. They tried to tell people that we are not by stealing our election. And when I'm governor, I vow to get in there and immediately start working with our legislature to shore up our election laws and return our elections to the people and make sure they're free and fair and honest so that when we go to bed on election night, we have a result and we know that our all legal votes were counted. And, and we know that we can live with the results of that election, but we can't live with an election that's been taken and stolen from us. And we will not live with the consequences we will fight until we get truth back in our elections. So thank you for having me,

Doug Truax: But you bet simply put and very true. So thanks so much, Carrie, for coming on. Talk to you soon. All right. That's our show for today. Thank you so much for tuning in and for supporting conservative media. Don't ever forget that by working together and staying diligent, we conservatives can bring our country back to true greatness until next week. Let's all keep praying that God will continue to bless America

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