A Common Sense Conversation with Andrew Kaufman, M.D. and Dr. Tom Cowan

1 year ago

Andrew Kaufman M.D. and Dr. Tom Cowan join the Denby does Dharma show for a well-rounded conversation about health, medicine, and common sense. Tom Cowan shares a bit about his gardening projects and history, and Andy provides details from his life experience leading up to the current germ hype age. Dr. Andy explains that there are new ways to look at health and Tom adds pertinent examples and points to support the inherent health capabilities of our own bodies, seeking to help others to find their own practical solutions rather than relying on the antiquated unproven virus theory.

Video Source: https://rumble.com/v170ead-a-common-sense-conversation-with-andrew-kaufman-m.d.-and-dr.-tom-cowan.html

Dr. Andrew Kaufman's BitChute Channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/andrewkaufmanmd/

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