Free Indeed

2 years ago

I was thinking about freedom today and all those who service it with their lives, some of them making the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom. So many have served our liberty with their life and that makes my freedom valuable and the using of my liberty in a civil, wise and good way so very important. Lately, I sense that my freedom is fragile and I have been more aware of what it would be like to be without it. How sad it would be for all those who sacrificed so much, if we just let our freedom erode away. That is what it feels like lately. I have known a freedom of coming and going without any obstructions, of speaking without any constraints and of making the choices for my health without any government heavy handedness. All these freedoms are eroding right before our eyes as the government is taking away our choices in ways that are not even constitutional. I have taken my freedom for granted. I love being free and I hope in this culture of chaos generated by illegitimate power grabs, that God gives us the courage to rise up, speak up and do what it takes to preserve our freedom. Yet, no one and nothing can truly take our freedom in Christ, we will always have Jesus, we will always be seen, validated and vindicated by Him. We always have freedom in Him and this is a freedom that no corrupt government can take from us. The truth of Jesus Christ has made us free; it has enlightened our heart and this freedom that we know in Him, no one can take and no one can extinguish the light of it. We are forever free in Christ Jesus. People who are serving no power higher than themselves, create an absolute power, that is corrupting absolutely and it does affect us in a very negative way. But, they can’t hold on to this power, it does not belong to them, it belongs to God. God is the only Supremacy that can handle power rightly. God will thwart the evil in play in our times, He has a plan and a good endgame. We must trust Him as our earthy freedoms fade, our heavenly freedoms do not. We have a future and hope in Jesus Christ and no, no illegitimate earthly power can change this. No, not one. We are free indeed! Dig Deeper:

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