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Deprogramming: Are you being manipulated? Diane Benscoter, former cult member. Premiere!

Ideas that are spread from mind to mind can easily be manipulative. Sometimes the actual aim is mind control. In this case, coercive techniques can bring a person to the point of psychological manipulation so subtle that they are unaware their thoughts and belief systems have been hijacked. In our premiere episode we learn what programming is from a brain theory perspective, what deprograming entails and the 5 types of manipulation to watch out for.

Join me as I talk with Diane Benscoter, a former cult member of the group commonly known as the “Moonies” who is now exposing how, when, where and why people can be manipulated. Diane's story is riveting and can be found in her memoir “Shoes of a servant”, taking the reader through her experience of being programmed at age 17 then un-programmed 5 years later. Wanting to help others she quickly got involved in the underground deprogramming movement only to find herself arrested. Having grown from those experiences Diane now brings a wealth of knowledge assisting others to deprogram themselves or help loved ones by speaking engagements, holding workshops and hosting a database of resources for those needing help leaving a controlling group or getting support due to manipulation. She believes that psychological manipulation is so pervasive that it is a public health crisis. She can be found at: ownyourbrain.org and www.antidote.ngo.

Teri’s website: livetrucoaching.com

Teri’s memoir “Unapologetically Me - The Bitch In My Pocket” can be found at:

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