The role of socio-economic movements - “Samaj” - in establishing a Proutist system

1 year ago

Next generation socio-economic movements: SAMAJ

The presentation will focus on the present socio-economic and ideological trends. Tapan will underline the defects of different systems and look at how the SAMAJ (Society) movement can reestablish an equilibrium and equipoise in the different strata of life:
1. Guarantee everyone the minimum necessities of life
2. Guarantee education and knowledge for everyone
3. Understanding the higher purpose of human life, dedicated to the welfare of all.
In this balanced approach there is a chance of global human development.

Tapan Kumar

Tapan Kumar is a retired IT officer from the Universita’ degli Studi di Verona in Italy. He has worked with Proutist Universal since 1978, promoting Prout as a viable alternative to Capitalism and Communism. Tapan also works with the Prout Research Institute, Italy, since its founding in 2009. They have published several books and convene conferences and seminars. They also run a Training School for people new to Prout.
Recorded 30 April 2022

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