The current world situation and why now is the opportune time for system change

1 year ago

Ravishekharananda will present on the current world situation arguing that the advanced capitalist economies have become so debt-laden and the finance and banking sectors so toxic that the system itself is in danger of collapse. In response, we are witnessing a transition from free-market capitalism to a type of technocratic “command economy” under the control of a small financial elite – a future, former Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, has termed Techno-Feudalism.

Ravishekharananda argues that this transition is creating and will continue to create a growing body of “disgruntled workers”. This, he claims, provides an opportune moment for Prout movements to establish themselves and offer an alternative direction. Finally, he explores how Proutists can best utilise this historic opportunity.

Ravishekharananda has a background in yoga, meditation, eastern mysticism and social activism. He believes humanity is moving through an historic shift of consciousness that is manifesting as a polarisation between progressive and regressive forces. The capitalist and communist (oligarchical) systems, he claims, are both non-viable and need to be replaced without delay. The formula to do this is penetrating awareness of the problems (at all levels), integrated, practical solutions and mobilisation of the disgruntled.
Recorded April 30 2022

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