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Homemade Primers - Dimple Removal & Resize Cup

This is the small primer kit for use with the Lee APP and the NOE primer dies that a few MeWe Members have been working on for the past several weeks. The kit comes with everything you’ll need except NOE dies, Lee APP, Dillon or DAA small primer pickup tube, and modular 4 tube holder. The 4 tube holder is available on Etsy or available for download on Thingiverse. Join us at the MeWe primer reloading groups for more details. The kit will include 4 small primer pickup tube adapters, 1 small primer drop tube, 1 brass retention cap, 1 retention rod, resizer die holder die, and the “C” pusher for dimple removal and the “O” pusher for resizing. More picture of what’s included coming soon as well as a large primer version

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