Dr. Flavio Cadegiani: Possibility of fabricated Pfizer clinical trial data, editorial mafia

Published May 26, 2022 84 Views

We should not trust any clinical trial that does not offer full transparency on the individual participant level. All the Case Report Forms (CRF) should be open. Hiding data is an admission of guilt, because "If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to hide". If you refuse transparency, the only plausible explanation is that you've got something to hide.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. If owners of data insist that it be kept in the dark, we know enough.

We should not judge others on their words, but on their actions. For example, the principal investigators of the Together Trial have promised to openly share all their data for external review, but so far they have refused all requests for the data.

Dr. Cadegiani does not doubt that the participants of Pfizer's 'vaccine' trial in Brazil were actually recruited, but he does strongly doubt the results, because the data just does not add up. Hopefully he'll elaborate more in this in the future.

The whole medical industrial complex is corrupt. It's profits (and power) over patients are each junction. Pfizer if corrupt. The National Ethics Committee is protecting Pfizer. Hospitals are corrupt.

The scientific journals, especially the prominent journals, do whatever the major pharmaceutical companies want, because they don't want to lose their main source of advertising (and other) income. If Big Pharma don't want an article published or they demand that a specific passage is left out or put in an article, the journal will obey the demands of Big Pharma. In doing so the journals are "acting as the editorial mafia".

Not only should the 'vaccine' trials be presumed fraudulent, but also other studies that could be detrimental to Big Pharma interests, such as the ivermectin arm in the Together Trial. "There's very little chance of [the Together Trial] being a complete fraud."

As just one of many examples, the placebo tablets were clearly distinguishable from the ivermectin tablets, so there's no way the study was blinded.


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