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Homemade Primers - MeWe Groups - Posting

In this tutorial I'll go over posting inside the MeWe interface. Posting differs from chat in several ways. The biggest difference is that new posts are added to the top of the "news stack" and the rest of the posts are pushed down. Your newest post info will be on the top. I also go over the notification flags. These tags/flags are indicators on how "caught up" you are within your group's news feeds.

Patreon (Help Me - Help You):

The MeWe chat forums consist of the best group of guys on the internet in primer reloading and other skills and you're now a part of it.

Primer Reloading group (known as Second Floor):


If you find the Primer Reloading group chat too technical, try the ground floor:


You will be welcomed in both!!!

I publish much of this info on:


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