Suzanna Tingley Highlights Depictions Of Lascivious Acts In Handmaid's Tales Available In North Kingstown, RI School Libraries

Published May 25, 2022 811 Views

Suzanna Tingley brings the goods to a North Kingstown, RI School Committee meeting with several depictions of lascivious acts of gratuitous sex from the 1985 book Handmaid’s Tales.

Suzanna rightfully points to current school policy where a student would face disciplinary action if using a school’s Chromebook to access porn, the school is notified. She questions why the school doesn’t review and audit the very same type of content in books available in the school’s libraries.

Her last words should echo the halls. “Get your heads out of your asses. And audit this curriculum. Get the books out of the school and do your jobs. I’m tired of asking.”

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