No, Actually…”The Future WILL BE BUILT BY US”!!!

Published May 24, 2022 155 Views

The powers that ought not be are gathered at The World Economic Forum meeting in Davos Switzerland led by Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the WEF who on Monday greeted members of the global elite with the salute: “the future is built by us… by a powerful community… as you here in this room.”

One of the powerful voices in the room is Henry Kissinger who in a surprising and controversial speech suggested that Ukraine should concede territory to Russia to end war otherwise things will get ugly!

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest news coming out of Davos where members of the inner circle of the global elite think it’s their right to rule over society in unelected positions while most importantly explaining that this system of power is built like a pyramid with them at the top and the masses who make up the base….once humanity realizes this fact, their game will be over and their whole system of control will all come crashing down in a gloriously epic fashion!

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