26a. The Essential Teachings of Carl Jung (in his own words) | ft. Joseph Campbell + Jordan Peterson

2 years ago

This was originally posted on YouTube six months or so ago but got taken off. Part 2 that goes with it is still on there and can be found here:

Hey everyone,

In this episode we continue the series that explores the contents of my new publication, "Psychology: The Science of the Soul" (available at my e-store). More specifically, this episode follows up the previous episode detailing the essential elements of Carl Jung's approach to Psychology. Here, I have extracted clips from Carl Jung, as well as from various other Jungian analysts such as Joseph Campbell and Jordan Peterson, which outline the core concepts of Depth Psychology. I offer my commentary throughout to help link everything together. I think you're going to really enjoy this one!

This episode is part 1 of 2. In the second episode, which will be posted soon, I will be utilizing the ideas and concepts discussed here in order to do a psychoanalysis of modern man. Again, many clips of Jung, Campbell, Manly Hall, and others will be sampled and shared.

I have much more content based off my Psychology zine planned so stay tuned! Please pick up a copy (Digital or physical) from my e-store:

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