5/23/22 Manic Monday – Donkeypox, Monkeypox the great new hoax. Run for your lives!

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The Donkeypox Monkeypox the new FAKE pandemic distraction being pushed by the CDC - center of disease creation, WHO, NIH, & the WEF to control & inoculate the masses for the depopulation agenda. The later part of the show very personal & moving as I expose these CHILD RAPISTS who are behind ALL OF THIS . They are promoting the grooming of children in grades k-12 .

1. Monkeypox article claims it was showing up with the gays, This is not a gay disease... Anybody can contract monkeypox through close contact."Here's what you need to know about the potentially deadly virus that's spreading beyond Africa, according to a panel of experts at the WHO

2. TIKTOK in on MONKEYPOX DONKEYPOX propaganda Should you be worried about monkeypox? Here's what you need to know about the infection.

3. The European Union is monitoring the monkeypox outbreak "very closely" as more cases of the infection continue to pop up around Europe

3. Journalist Jack Posobiec being detained at Davos in Switzerland where the Elites meet about how they are going to control & institute their NWO - Global government.

4. stop WAAAYCISM alert... NBC reports on STAGED event where Super Whitey Liberal Lyft driver Kicks Out white Passenger Over Racist Comments

5. RENTER SCAM - Candace Clark running rental scams for 10 years goes to trial in June, & corrupt Democrat laws in Illinois State Law Makes It Difficult For Landlords To Evict Squatters

6. Green Energy Scam Hidden cameras reveal dark side of solar power, the TRUTH about how solar energy is another liberal lie & people are paying higher power bills not saving anything w/ purchasing this crap for their homes

7. Retired Major General uncovers Shocking details about West Point & A surge in Navy deserters could be a sign of a bigger problem for the military

8. Libtard Bill Maher Rips LGBT Activists In Monologue We’re Literally Experimenting On Children’: as if he didn't promote the sexualization of children yet he will not tell the TRUTH who's really behind pushing this Rainbow bs on children

9. Chris Rufo uncovers jarring details of trans conference that Philadelphia teachers were encouraged to attend
The conference included sessions about 'kink,' ‘BDSM,’ ‘trans sex,’ ‘bigger dick energy,’ and ‘banging beyond binaries'

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