Post Election Thoughts

Published May 23, 2022 1,741 Views

Have you considered the fact that the reason the Freedom parties failed to grab votes wasn’t because of their character, lack of funds, or even their message, it was because they were predominantly unvaccinated, and in this election Australians voted ‘yes’ for a tiered society; they voted ‘yes’ for medical apartheid, and in a segregated society the oppressors cannot risk handing over power to the oppressed. The reason being is that the oppressors need to believe that they are the righteous, even the victims. This is why hypocrisy is tolerated. The main goal of hypocrisy is to justify morally unacceptable thoughts, actions and policies. That’s where we are now. We are trying to reprogram our culture’s morality, and nothing challenges the implementation of a new update more than a politician, with conviction speaking their truth.

Michael Gray Griffith

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