10 months ago

The Park Bench: How Do You Psychic Protect Yourself? Ep1

Todays question Jane posts to her guests on the Park Bench is, how do you psychic protect yourself? We are blessed today to be joined by people from England, Holand, New Zealand, Australia and the United States on the show to ensure we are receiving wisdom, insight and sharings from many different parts of the world.

Psychic protect means different things to different people, for some it is how to protect themselves from negative people or from negative experiences, while for others it is to protect themselves from negative or dark energies from various dimensions. For me, I see physic protection as something that goes hand in hand with energetic hygiene. As everything is energy, we are merging constantly with all that is, be it in the denser 3rd dimension vibration which varies with low, mid and high levels including the physical or emotional or mental or spiritual energies, or it could be that we are merging with energies of the low, mid or high 4th dimensions etc. All states can bring various challenges of negative energies and so todays episode is to serve us all as a reminder of easy to implement tools, tips and tricks that will assist you in gaining solid psychic protection.


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