Canada Has Gone Full Health Authoritarian. No one Gets Out Without a Dangerous Shot!

Published May 22, 2022 655 Views

Matt Sattler - Director of Free to Fly Canada

As the world in 2020 descended into lockdown, Oxford’s Sunetra Gupta, who helped craft the monumental Great Barrington Declaration against the Covid hysteria, warned in the Daily Mail, “Do not shut down international travel. International travel helps to build up our defenses against new and emerging viruses.” But manufactured fear allowed power-hungry bureaucrats to isolate nations and the families within those nations.

Exploiting fear and sabotaging livelihoods (while enriching the oligarchs and billionaires), governments made an experimental EUA vaccine the condition to “re-enter” society. While suppressing superior off-label treatments, governments and employers forbade work without vaccination.

As 2021 ended, news came out about the millions of vaccine injuries and deaths. On top of that, these vaccines failed to prevent transmission. In America, the mandates ended for all but soldiers, and hospital staff.

But, not in Canada, as Mr. Sattler will explain. Without the jab, his countrymen still may not fly. He himself suffered persecution for being an unvaccinated pilot. Though the Canadian Trucker’s Protest made international news, College mandates are still in effect – and podcaster Joe Rogan calls the country’s premier a “CREEPY F****** DICTATOR”.

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