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Five different surveys all show vaccines are NOT "safe and effective"

How will they spin this one? Five completely different surveys show the COVID vaccines aren't safe and effective, not even close.

For example, the under 18 death survey since 2020 showed 15 deaths caused by the vaccine and 0 deaths caused by COVID. There were 26 months in the COVID group and 17 months in the vaccine group so we'd expect to see 1.5X more deaths in the COVID group if both COVID and the vaccine were equally deadly. 0 COVID deaths vs. 15 vaccine deaths is stunning. It shows an incredibly deadly vaccine that should have NEVER been used on kids.

That the CDC outside committee members just approved the booster vaccines for 5 to 11 saying they SHOULD be used (instead of MAY be used) is appalling because I told them just minutes before they voted that the survey data showed they were harming kids. They did not care. They did not request my data. They ignored it. They have NO data showing I am wrong. Only one person on the committee voted NO, one abstained, the rest voted to approve.

Is there any public health official in the US that can show how we got this wrong?

Will any public health official or mainstream media do their own survey and publish the "correct" results?

Will any "fact checker" organization get the original data from us and validate the results? Surely the fact checkers would want to show we are making this up, right? I am happy to supply the full data under NDA (to protect privacy of the respondents) so they can either validate the results or show how they are wrong. The "catch" is that if they do the work, they MUST agree to publish the results, good or bad. Now, do you think any of them will fact check this under those conditions? Absolutely not. I guarantee it.

DO NOT BELIEVE ME. DO NOT BELIEVE THE GOVERNMENT. PLEASE do YOUR OWN surveys and you'll be ASTONISHED that you have been lied to.

If there is any public health official, including those from the FDA, NIH, or CDC who wants the data, the same agreement holds: I'll give you the full data, you agree to publish what you found. This is why they won't request the data. BECAUSE THEY KNOW.

Was the survey biased? "They" would argue it is because nearly all the respondents think the vaccines are unsafe. But we know that my respondents see the world as is really is, so there is no actual bias if we are looking at "reality." However, even if we survey those who are pro-vaccine, I predict the numbers will be just as devastating. We have launched the surveys to do just that. At that point, there will no place for them to hide.

In the meantime, I am happy to cooperate with any fact checkers or government agencies who want to validate my data. You can contact me at stevekirsch-request at protonmail.com to request the data.

For more details, see my substack article: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/eight-different-surveys-all-show?s=w

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