The Dr. Obvious Show: WEF's GREAT RESET MASS GENOCIDE via C19 Fake Vaccine POISON must STOP NOW

Published May 20, 2022 1,295 Views

EPISODE #1 Ben "Dr. Obvious" Marble, M.D. aka Dr. O founder of, inventor, First MD To Treat Patients For FREE All 50 States, Nobel Prize nominee, etc. comedy routine at the Panhandle Doctors For Truth conference. I intentionally play the role of Doctor Obvious "BAD COP" in this lecture because all the other doctors insist on playing the role of GOOD COP. We are at war. It is a war of the WORLD ECONOMIC FRAUD vs. humanity as a whole and they are using C19 fake vaccine gene editing poison slow acting LETHAL INJECTIONS to reach their population control goals. When I say WEF dies or WE die I mean the WEF organization must die. Those responsible for the ongoing MASS GENOCIDE/GREATEST MASS POISONING ever (over 5 BILLION poisoned) must all be held accountable! Winning any war requires the DEATH of enemies. If that doesn't happen the war is LOST which means many of us and our families will DIE. Do NOT shoot the messenger for discussing the simple basic rules of how all wars are won/lost. I am a doctor who swore an oath to PROTECT HUMAN LIFE. Being silent while MASS GENOCIDE is ongoing via C19 fake vacccine gene editing POISON is NOT "protecting human life" and so I speak out bc it is my duty. It is up to SOLDIERS to take out or arrest our enemies (not the doctors). That said our enemy has primarily used doctors to KILL via the c19 fake vaccine POISON. I personally favor a global ban on the death penalty starting now bc that means no more fake vaccine POISONs

filmed May 20,2022
*yes some might say I have Tourette's and/or spending too many years in Mississippi causes random expletive's

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